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Finding a new dentist, since becoming new residents of Florida many years back, was important. We did plenty of research and selected Dr. Gary Palsis. Right away, my husband and myself knew we made the right choice! We feel Dr. Palsis is thorough and outstanding in every way. Each member of his staff is caring, professional and very customer service oriented. The challenges that Dr. Palsis solved for my husband's teeth are amazing. His teeth show a smile I hadn't seen in three decades plus, of marriage!Perfectionism, expertise and the most advanced/solutions, add up to a why this is a fabulous practice. We are also very grateful for Ms. Paula, our Dental Professional, who provides us with the best teeth care and cleaning possible, during our routine visits at this office. We are so happy that we found this dental oasis.    Karin 12/01/2019

I have been seeing Dr. Palsis for 20 years or more. I went to him terrified of the dentist. He reassured me on that very first visit and I have never lost faith in all of these years. He has a way to make you comfortable and make sure you all right during the procedure you're having done and believe it or not he makes you laugh. Just got out of his chair today after sitting for two hours and I have to say it was not an unpleasant experience. Fun no but comfortable and painless!  Thank you to my favorite dentist      Betty  11-2017

I just went in for my first visit with Dr. Palsis and after not seeing a regular dentist for years and a bad experience at a dental "chain" I am so relieved that I am now a patient! I have lived in Florida for almost five years now and I have not had a regular dentist. Dr. Palsis and his staff are amazing and I would highly recommend.    Zoe M  11-2017

I never thought I would enjoy going to the Dentist, but DMD Palsis and his staff go above and beyond to make me feel very comfortable in what is usually not a very comfortable experience. They are friendly, compassionate and actually "care" about their patients, which is very obvious each time I walk in. A year back, during one of my normal dental checkups, he suggested that I should consider using Invisalign, since my teeth have shifted dramatically over the years. I didn't really want braces at my age, but knew I needed to do something; so this was a great alternative. I have since completed the process and couldn't be more happy with the results. Thank you DMD Palsis and your wonderful staff. You all are awesome!    Gary T 6-2017


4/6/17 First, thanks for your many years of faithful service & getting me through the rough times. I am writing in appreciation of your support staff - for their caring & professional help. Kudos to you & your staff!!


3/21/17 Thank you, Dr Palsis! My son was very comfortable with you - as I think you could tell!


2/16/17 Thank you so much for taking time out of your weekend to come volunteer at "Give Kids A Smile"! We really enjoyed having your staff join as well. Your team did some great dentistry!


1/19/17 Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly and getting me into a specialist so fast. You have always been such a blessing to our family. I am eternally grateful.


10/26/16 I appreciate so much all the effort that went into accommodating me. I have enjoyed getting to know you. I love my new smile! My friend said you were the best and she was right! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


9/27/16 Many thanks for once again coming to Mom's rescue and addressing her concerns with such patience and caring. Also, a special thanks to your office staff for their calm demeanor "under fire" along with such compassion and understanding.

Jack and Pam

9/7/16 Thank you so much for bonding my tooth and consulting with me on a plan of action for my teeth. I feel that I learned a lot by talking with you. Everything was truly appreciated!


5/16/16 The Palsis Experience! Beautiful/Comfortable/Welcoming/Staff - Professional/Friendly/Competent/ Good Music...
Thank You and God Bless You


4/12/2016 I did Invisalign at age 70 and it was the best decision I ever made!


3/29/16 Thank you so much for taking care of my crown. You're the only person that I could trust. You've always been "the good guy". I hope to see you again soon.


3/16/16 We both thank you for your courtesy in attending us during our dental emergencies, and your generosity. We are glad you are our dentist and our friend.

Tony & Diana

10/20/15 Thank you for getting me in on such short notice this morning.

Dr. Tim

9/23/2015 Thank you so much for all of your help, especially the care that you gave my son. Anthony said that you were the first dentist who seemed to care for "his" well-being. You made him feel secure and he felt that he was in good hands. He keeps saying how much he likes you! You really must be "Painless Palsis"!


8/30/15 I don't know if you all know this but you have, and will always be special to me. You have given me a great smile! Thank you form the bottom of my heart!!


7/15/15 Thank you so much for calling me on my birthday...that was so nice. Also thanks to you all for being so good to me every time I come there.


4/30/15 Many thanks for taking such good care of my mom while she was visiting! The antibiotic worked its magic. All your TLC made what could have been a major problem, a pleasant experience.

Pam and Jack

2/23/15 Thank you for such great care for my friend who I referred to you. She LOVED you (we all do!). Thanks again!


1/28/15 Thank you for being so nice and so good at your job. It is such a pleasure to come get my teeth cleaned . I had such a bad dentist experience when I was first back down here, so I'm so happy to have found you.


1/14/15 I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on my teeth. They both match perfectly even though one of them is a crown.


12/9/14 You always make me laugh and feel at home when I'm at the office. You all have been such a blessing to me! Thanks again.


10/30/14 I couldn't let your kindness go without a note to say thank you! On my way to your office, I had prayed that the appointment would be within my capacity to pay. It was! You will be in my prayers tonight.


9/22/14 I want to express my deep appreciation to you and your staff for the outstanding work. I know that you worked hard to do the repair in a cost effective and quality way. The tooth looks great and works wonderfully. I have no discomfort at all...and I feel that you went "above and beyond" to give me a solution that was in my best interest. Your warm and caring attitude certainly helped me feel at ease. Everyone on your team is very professional. I would gladly recommend you to anyone seeking quality dental care.


8/13/14 I want to thank you on the time you took with me on advising me on my choices concerning my tooth. I always know when I come visit you that I'm going to receive excellent care. Your staff are top notch and I know you appreciate all they do for your practice. Keep up the good work. I am a happy and pain-free patient.


5/15/14What you all did for me was an absolute blessing and I can't express my appreciation enough for it. My teeth are feeling good and I've been able to chew properly without any pain. I was also treated respectfully and felt like "the man" during my appt. These types of things rarely happen which speaks high on the part of you and your staff. I look forward to coming back for my next appt.


You have my heartfelt thanks for your gracious consideration and kindness. Through the years I have appreciated your thoughtfulness and the cheerful attitude of your staff, it is a pleasant atmosphere for your patients.


1/27/14 Thank you to you and your pleasant, congenial staff for treating me recently. I was in an awkward (and somewhat painful) position but you and your crew made me feel like a regular patient and your own skill completed treatment to send me home healed and satisfied.


3/12/14 We so appreciated the special care you showed our daughter after her fall. You practice with such excellence and have a staff that so beautifully compliments you. We believe that your dental care is the best there is and we recommend you often.Thanks for taking such good care of our family."

The Sanders

11/1/2013 Thank you so very much to all that assisted in my dental issue. You are so patient and dedicated. I am happy to smile.


Dear Gary,
I want to thank you for the most pleasant dental exam and cleaning I have ever experienced. You were gentle, informative, soothing but thorough. I am looking forward to seeing you for my future appointment.


8/9/2011 Gary was wonderful on Wednesday. I have never had problems with dentists, and I did not this time either. I just simply do not go to doctors or dentists unless I have a problem, and have to go. Gary gave me probably the most thorough dental check up I have ever had. And his assistant went out of her way to find an open slot in the afternoon with the hygienist. My teeth had more than their share of plaque, putting it lightly, and I will try to 'see the hygienist' on a regular basis when I come back for my yearly visits. At least that is my plan. I am thankful that you recommended that I call Gary's office. Thanks. And I am thankful that I did not need more extensive dental work like fillings, etc. Now I need to floss daily and do a better job of brushing.


8/8/11 Dr. Palsis, Thank you so much for all your help, especially the care you and your team gave my son. Anthony said you were the first dentist who seemed like you cared about his well being. You made him feel secure and in good hands. He just kept saying how much he liked you. "You REALLY must be PAINLESS PALSIS".
Thanks so much!


Thank you for your prompt and professional service. On short notice you repaired my broken and cracked tooth. I really appreciate your dedication and thoroughness. Thanks again.
P.S. You're in my "Good Guy Book".


I thank God that he blessed me with such a special dentist. As we give to others God gives back to us a hundred fold.


Thank you for your wonderful work on my husband's front tooth. The tooth looks amazing!


Dr. Palsis and girls, Thank you so much for all your help. What you all did means so much to me. I am so glad I got to meet such nice people.


You are truly a genuine person who gives from your heart. We cannot thank you enough for the effort and time you gave to our son. We are all very pleased with the looks and function of his teeth. Thank you again from the bottom of all our hearts!


Thank you very much for taking care of my teeth. What you all did for me was an absolute blessing and I can't express my appreciation enough for it. My teeth are feeling good and I've been able to chew properly without any pain. I was also treated respectfully and felt like "the man" during my appointment. These type of things rarely happen which speaks high on the part of you and your staff. I look forward to coming back at my next appointment. Have a great day and thanks again.


I've already gotten used to my night retainer. Thanks so much for making it for me. It has been wonderful to have a dentist like you-someone I thoroughly trust and even has a great sense of humor.

Mary Esther

Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on my teeth. The procedure was easy and painless-which I love and you were very gental and understanding to my needs. You are a terrific dentist and a great human being. Thanks for all you've done in the past for me as well. You're the Best!